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Multi Blender Set (17 Piece)

GTIN: 5025912182762  |  Product MPN: 26-138

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Product Description
Product Description: 

If you're looking for a way to make your kitchen processes more efficient, to prepare and eat healthy food then look no further. This ingenious 17 piece Multi Blender set is an appliance that is all you need for a great number of daily food preparation.

The heart of the multi blender is the compact easy to manoeuvre power base with high torque 250W power motor. You just put one of the bullet cups or party mugs onto the high torque power base and it is ready to use. To start the motor just press down on the cup, blending jug or any other attachment you use, really simple.

It comes with two blades: a cross blade for chopping, grating and blending foods such as onions, cheese, meats and frozen drinks, and a flat blade for whipping cream and grinding hard foods like coffee beans, nuts and spices.

The full size blender attachment has all the power and capacity of a standard blender but it only takes up as much counter space as a coffee mug. You could prepare milkshakes, pancakes batters or frozen cocktails within minutes exactly when you crave them.

The juice extractor with plunger will transform your blender into juicer that does exactly what large expensive juicers do but this one cleans in seconds as they are dishwasher safe. Treat yourself and your family with healthy fresh made fruit juices containing all valuable nutrients from fruits picked by you.

The multi blender comes with two useful shaker/steamer tops that you could use for steaming foods in the microwave or as shaker tops. there are two tops, one with large holes for coarse ingredients such as parmesan cheese and the other top with smaller holes for finely ground spices such as nutmeg or cinnamon.

Once your food is ready you can also store it using stay-fresh re-sealable lids, so preparing, cooking and storing could be done in just one vessel saving you time and space and you won't need to use plastic wraps or other containers. The lids fit on to short and tall cups as well as on to party mugs to keep leftovers fresh.

With all different attachments this multi blender gives you endless options to prepare healthy and nutritious meals, snacks and desserts. So whenever you want to puree delicious sauces or prepare baby food; chop some vegetables such as onions, carrots and garlic; squeeze some fresh fruit juice; whip up some cream, soft cheese or butter; mix dough without much effort, prepare chunky dips like salsa or sauces like pesto; grind coffee, nuts or rock salt; blend a milkshake, smoothie or soup; grate cheese, chocolate or breadcrumbs.

Cleaning the multi blender is one more area where it shows its ingenious practical design. The multi blender allows you to prepare ready to serve meals from scratch and only use one cup with no cutting boards, pots or pans, knives etc. Just put the cup into dishwasher to clean it and that's the whole amount of cleaning you are going to do.

Blend without the jug thanks to the included cups. There are two of different size cups, one large, dome-shaped and the second smaller to better accommodate smaller amounts. You can also add some colour to your party with four party cups with removable brightly coloured rings around the rim. Available in yellow, red, blue and green so you could choose your favourite to use for both preparing and serving your food or drinks in style.

It's compact and lightweight, dismantles for easy cleaning, and comes with a recipe book that is packed with great suggestions for all kinds of meals, drinks, desserts, soups and sandwiches, baby food, dinners, juices, cocktails etc to get you busy in the kitchen.

Please Note: Read the instructions manual thoroughly before use and retain for future reference. Do not immerse the power base under water. Always unplug the power base before cleaning it.


• 17 piece multi-attachment hand blender set
• Extremely useful for preparing food
• Encourages healthy eating
• Saves time and money on preparing food 
• High torque 250 W motor 
• Flat and cross stainless steel blades 
• Use to mix, chop, blend, whip, grind, puree, juice and grate
• 1L jug blender
• Juicer extractor with plunger included
• Two cups, four party cups included
• Two re-sealable stay-fresh lids for storing 
• Two steam tops for microwave cooking
• Detailed instruction and recipe book included
• Prepare, cook and store in the same vessel
• Simple operation
• Saves space on kitchen counter
• Made of great quality materials
• Easy to clean

• 230V / 50Hz
• 250W
• CE certified


• High Torque Power Base: 16.5cm (H) x10cm (W)
• Party Cups: 13cm (H) x 9cm (W)
• Tall Cup: 18cm (H) x 8.5cm (W)
• Short Cup: 9cm (H) x 8.5cm (W)
• Multi Blender: 20cm (H) x 18cm (W)
• Cable length: 140cm

Package Contents: 

1 x High Torque Power Base
1 x Multi Blender with Lid
1 x Juice Extractor with Plunger
1 x Stainless Steel Cross Blade
1 x Stainless Steel Flat Blade
1 x Tall Cup
1 x Short Cup
1 x Shaker Top 
1 x Steamer Top
1 x Instruction Manual with Recipe Book 
2 x Re-sealable Storage Lids
4 x Party Cups
4 x Coloured Rings for Party Mugs

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